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How It Works

It’s As Easy as  1 – 2 – 3    

Step 1: Drop it Off.

Stop by with items you’d like to sell. Our experienced staff will conduct preliminary online research to estimate the eBay resale value of your items.  During check-in, our staff will work with you to capture background information that would be helpful for your online posting.  Once you’re checked in, we place the items in our inventory and hand you a receipt.  Then we get to work photographing your items and writing up the ad copy.  Items will be launched online within 7 days, often sooner.

Step 2: Watch the Action.

Once we list your item(s) online, we’ll send you an email with a link to each sale so that you can watch all the bidding action as it occurs. Many of our sellers tell us this part is as fun as getting their final check!

Step 3: Cash Your Check.

After the item sells we collect payment from the buyer, professionally pack your item, and then ship it to the buyer within 1 business day.  Once the transaction is complete, we send you a check. Or, if you prefer, we can send the proceeds to your favorite charity.

Minimum Sales Value

We are glad to handle most items with an estimated resale value of $50 and above.  For large items (bicycles etc.) we work with items worth $100 and above.

How much will I make selling items through iSOLD It?

There is no upfront fee to list your item, and there is no charge if your item does not sell.  For each item that sells, we deduct (1) the iSOLD It service fee is 38% plus marketplace fees.

….THEN we send you a check for the rest! Once you become a client of iSold It, you will receive a monthly newsletter with seasonal selling information and a valuable coupon to use on future items.

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